Shout-FM “Your Host Robert Christian”

Hi and welcome to Shout-FM. As this platform is dedicated to Expats living in Maastricht, I guess it only makes sense that I too am an Expat living in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Born in Toronto, Canada and after my formal education I decided to go back to my families roots in Germany. Sad to say though, I wasn’t crazy about Germany but fell in love with The Netherlands, so it wasn’t hard to move here and after almost two years now, I’ve never looked back.

Tracey Taylor presents Crumbs!

Originally from south west Ireland, Tracey Taylor now lives in beautiful Maastricht – the culinary capital of Limburg.

In “Crumbs!”, Tracey combines her love of writing with another passion: Food & Wine!

Join her as she explores the gourmet delights our city has to offer. Appetites at the ready!